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 A good wedding planner is more ​​​​​​​than a support system on your wedding day.
The best ones serve as friends, therapists, and mediators from the start, providing support for everyone involved.​​​​​​ ​

You'll spend months together ensuring that every aspect of your wedding matches your vision.  So, it's important to hire a planner you get along with!

You're in the right place! 

We plan and produce multicultural events that exceed everyone's high expectations

- Pooja

They went above and beyond, you almost feel like it’s a group of friends helping you and it is because they have a high level of passion and love for each and every client.

"They have a high level of passion and love."

Weddings by Vara brings together a diverse team of wedding pros with various multicultural backgrounds.  In other words, we have an innate understanding of the needs and meaning behind your day.

In addition to our personal experiences, we pursue continuing education to better understand the traditions and ceremonies of different denominations and cultures.

So, no matter how you choose to celebrate your love story, a knowledgeable and competent guide will be on your side to lead the way.



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Wedding planning and design is a world unto itself. And your planner needs more than just well-stamped passport to understand the challenges that come with combining various cultures, traditions,
and religious beliefs into a single, seamless celebration.  It takes more than a busy wedding day to frazzle me!

Prior to becoming a wedding planner, I spent a decade working as a Behavioral Analyst. That job taught me how to skillfully read the emotions in a room, assess any situation with empathy, and stay calm under pressure.

So you can trust, no matter how your day unfolds, I'll remain sympathetic and pleasant with you, your guests, and your vendor team.
Others often describe me as approachable and personable ​​​​​​​with a warm and witty personality.​ So, you can feel comfortable coming to me with any issues along the way, regardless of the services you've booked or where you are in the planning process.

That composure and open communication style has allowed me to partner up with some of the best in the industry,  and I'm proud to be able to pass on those connections to   you.

Together, we'll co-create a trustworthy vendor team that works closely, so you can be as hands-off (or involved!) as you want.


meet vara

- Reba A.

We were worried with some of our vendors not understanding certain cultural aspects of our ceremony and reception, but Vara's ability to understand a huge array of wedding traditions and cultures alleviated all of those concerns for us. Whenever we needed help, Vara knew exactly who to talk whether it be vendors, pricing and contracts, or simply brainstorming ideas.

"Vara Knew exactly what to do."