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Ideas flow easily into implementation, mood boards align like the stars, ​​​​​​​and vendors work seamlessly in sync to bring your dream to life.
​​​​​​​The celebration seems to happen so effortlessly that you could ​​​​almost forget the number of complicated pieces in motion.

For a wedding weekend to run smoothly, you need an experienced ​​​​​​​pro managing the details. Someone easy to talk with, who takes the  time to understand your priorities. And an ally willing to put their
foot down to make your vision a reality.

the best events unfold naturally.

Having worked with diverse couples since 2018, I specialize in planning and producing sophisticated, multicultural events. No matter the nationality, religion, or culture, trust my team to respect your traditions while seamlessly integrating your personal touches, decor, and ideas.

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- Naomi

We felt instantly relieved every time we brought up an issue to Vara because she found a way for her and her team to handle it. It was just so wonderful to work with a professional partner who you could count on.

"a professional partner you can count on."

More than an event manager, you need a dependable professional who understands your
vision and articulates your ideas. A reliable on-site expert to run things while you enjoy
the day. And a diplomat who can communicate your priorities clearly and tactfully.​​​

That's precisely what you'll receive from my team.

a guided experience

modern multicultural event planning + production

 Our entire team provides high-quality, consistent, and informed service on your big day. Rather than spreading ourselves thin managing multiple events over multiple locations during the same weekend, my team and I take on a limited number of weddings per year to give each celebration the undivided attention it deserves.​​​​​​​


Throughout the planning process, you'll always be prepared and in control thanks to our online workbook and regular Zoom check-ins. I'll be an asset to answer any questions that pop up along the way and a friendly guide through your to-do list. 


Instead of treating your big day like a business merger, I'll take the time to get to know you through a brief Zoom consultation. You'll get a taste of my warm and witty personality, and I'll learn more about your vision for your wedding weekend in a no-pressure environment. 


- Reba

Vara is someone that you want on your team because she is detailed, organized, supportive, accessible, and will advocate for you as her client.

"You want her on your team"

It takes a master to understand and execute an event that blends fresh, modern ideas while still honoring the traditional elements of your culture.​​​​

Having planned and designed for more than 5 years, I know that the key to a seamless event is a thorough approach to planning. That's why my team and I begin our preparation from the moment you reach out! And when you do, friendly and open communication paired with a tried and-true planning system ensure that with us, your event will be delightful to plan AND experience.

Want to know how I do it?

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- Tim and Minu

The coordination between your team and the vendors was top notch.  Come day-of, we had nothing to worry about. The venue looked phenomenal…
Our expectations were far exceeded! 

"exceeded our expectations!"

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